Ruph is an Indonesian fashion line founded in 2008 by Rizki Irma Kartika (Kiky). The brain behind the fashion line would be Verra Sauvika, coming up with designs that are fresh yet exquisite. Not only that, we also produce jeweleries that is hand-made with care by Melodya Lukita. Originally, this project was created just to express our ideas and for fun, but it became more serious in the middle of 2009 where Ruph introduces its first collection under the name "The Oceanic Galaxy" in April 2008, followed by "Se-circle" collection in 2009.

We make clothes that are the product of a very severe, yet super-fun, creative urge. We've also always been interested in culture. Fashion is an important part of culture. So the main idea of Ruph is basically to express our ideas in culture and fashion through our collection lines, simpe as that. One might say fashion people only react to very strong ideas.